Frogging Sweaters

Ok, sounds like I lost my mind with that title, but trust me… i will explain. Recycling, or repurposing things is a wonderful way to reduce the waste in life, and find new and functional ways of putting old things to use just seems right.

That said, I worked with a woman that does a lot of knitting. After her cancer she purposed to knit chemo hats, and baby hats…. but truth be told the price of new yarn can get expensive. She looked around and found an old sweater that was no longer fashionable, but the yarn was good and she purposed to deconstruct the sweater for the yarn.

She referred to this process as frogging – it involved a lot of rip-it, rip-it.
I must confess that frogging has become a favorite way of getting the yarn I want for a project without busting the bank. I have discovered that used clothing stores are a great source of sweaters… after a careful wash, and dry…. rip-it, rip-it.