Visiting without being a vendor

This weekend was planned as no events so Steve and I can catch our breath, and replenish our supplies. But I had wanted to visit a show that I have been invited to but declined. Avante Garde Craft Shows are always lovely, and this was at Holy Spirit Byzantine Church which is literally around the corner from my house… so we went.

Lovely vendors, great merchandise, and I could sense a strong vibe in the room of excitement… but I also felt sad that we were not there. We walked around, spoke with a dozen vendors,and enjoyed our time immensely. And as we both sat down in the car there was a sense of relief that we could get in the car and drive home, without loading a car with our loot.

I love another aspect of our life and that is developing a community presence, and knowing others who share the art gypsy life with us. Its nice to be called by name, and to know their names too… i love that.

So taking a week off from the road was a good decision. We have a busy schedule this next 6 weeks, and we look forward to see how this develops. Did i mention that I love this life…. it is so vastly different from anything we have done before, yet there is a deep sense of satisfaction, and pleasure sharing the gifts we have with others.

Thank you for your support of our transition to full time entrepreneurs. Its nice to have the support of friends and family.