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As many of you who follow us on either this blog or facebook know we had a really discouraging experience at OxtoberFest in Burton, and this has caused us to pull back, look at our lives, and retool the business.  We love the opportunity to sell our handcrafted goods, but we also feel that sitting around and watching the day tick away without it being worth our time is a sad commentary of the economic conditions of our nation.

That said, we have pulled back from many of the smaller “craftsy” type shows, and instead are trying to be strategic about where we go, how we spend our time and what we commit to.  For a young business this is a major shift in thinking… cutting off the potential revenue generation for alternative ways of working the market is a somewhat anxiety producing event.  But there is something deep in both of us that has grown weary of missing our market…

Instead we have been exploring several galleries and nifty shops, and are in negotations with several for consigning our products.  Announcements are pending on 3 shops with 2 more in the pipeline.  And i was so thrilled that one of these leads came from my work at Pinned  and Pined.  A store I have loved and respected contacted me.  Once we have something official i will post it!

So our decisions are a shift in how we are doing our business, but it seems that this shift is like trimming the  sail on the sailboat to capture the wind.  We have found a new direction, and we  are looking forward to these new challenges.

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