Do you Instagram?


Instagram was born for a visual culture that we are… and for fast updates instantly world wide.  A quick click of the camera, another click and there is your photo for the world to see.  Visual is the key here.  We all love those photos… whether it is that breathtaking shot at sunrise of a beautiful national park, or of the little barefoot toes of sweet little baby girl.  Photos tell us so much about life, about our perspective, or artistic license, our interest, our very heart.

So why use instagram in our art business?  Duh, that is a silly question – to show off our products, showcase venues we are at, and to get our identity out there for the world to see.

Have questions about using instagram?  I found this handy dandy guide for beginners:

instogrWant to follow us on Instagram? Our account is listed as IMAGESINBLOOM or you may search for Barb Bloom.

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