Without Vision we all drive off the cliff

  •  Would you drive a car blindfolded up a mountain road?
  • Would you plan a wilderness adventure without supplies?
  • Would you take an ocean voyage in a row-boat?

Those are a bit extreme examples, but Vision is a vital and mission critical part of life itself.  As a small business we have spent time honing a vision for where this little start-up is going and what it would look like.  The vision is not only a road map to keep us on target, heading in the direction we need to go.  The vision is so much more.  It is a target to point to, aim for, and allows for planning to get there.

“If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea.”

                                                                                            — Antoine de Saint-Exupery
Vision is said to be the most important purpose of leadership.  It is not the plan, but the goal to shoot for. Vision takes work.
Vision begins with time spent thinking.  The solitude of getting away from the day-to-day demands, and dedicating time to think about life, the company  or the world.  Vision begins with answering questions on the goal for my life, my work, my business.  It is something that is a rough draft that continues to grow and change.
Practical Questions:
  • Do you have a vision for your life?  Can you answer the question of what you believe your purpose and goal is in this life?
  • If you have a business, have you written down goals, and a plan to achieve them?
  • Do you share your vision with others? Do you clearly articulate what you see is the purpose and goal of your life or your company?

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