How about Hessler Hippie?


One of the most fun and amazing people watching festivals we are fortunate to participate in is Hessler Street Fair, occurring the 1st weekend in June this year.  (NEW DATES!!!!) Its a little hidden gem in Cleveland’s University Circle area, located off   Ford Road, just north of Euclid Avenue.  The street itself is a vintage set of old homes, row houses, and unique architecture the ends at a courtyard.  The festival offers the art of 75 artists from the area, as well as great food, and wonderful live music both days.

This marks the 5th year we are at Steve was feeling very inspired in the studio last Saturday and blended an unusual combination  of essential oils to form the scent base of a recipe of soap.  The classic scent of the 60s/70s – Patchouli, blended with Clove and Orange.  The blend buffers down the strong patchouli with a crisp spicy note, melded together in a middle note of orange.  To further enhance the soap he set aside 2 portions of the soap, dying one batch bright orange, the other hot pink, and swirled them into a field of white.

The bar itself is made from some wonderful oils like coconut and avocado.  Coconut oil makes for a very hard bar that gives great lather.

and we are making it in a solid perfume tin, which usually goes fast… . so if you stop by the fair, grab them quick!