Investment in your development

Everything in like life takes effort, good direction, and the right tools. Start an art business and you know that you have the capacity to create beautiful things but how do you invest in yourself ?How do you know how to market yourself ? And how to get the right price on your product ? Who do you talk to about trying to sell it? Is there a correct way of approaching Gallery’s and Studio’s to represent your work? How about social media?

I think if I kept going with questions there would be an endless list and if you are like me at one point you started out knowing very little but we’re running on sheer energy and ambition. In the first year we were in business I was very fortunate to meet a woman who has made a career of art to include producing her own, selling others, and managing Galleries. Her expertise blew me away. She was gracious enough to offer tips and tricks to our fledgling young company that proved to be very beneficial. I was like a dry sponge absorbing all of her knowledge and eager to see how that would improve our sales and our ability to market ourselves. Nine years later our business has grown significantly and much of your suggestions have been the reason for this growth.

So my question to you is an artist or an entrepreneur is how are you investing in your self and your business? Are you feeding your hungry business saw with needed insight, learning new techniques, understanding the ever-changing market we live in?

All this is to shamelessly advertise a class that our studio is sponsoring. Mary Urbas, the gallery director of Lakeland community college will be offering a six week “the business of art “course in my studio. She is the person that has made such a profound difference in our business life and I think she could make that difference for you as well.

Who is this class for? I’m so glad you asked that question. It’s for the new artist that need some direction on where to go and what to do. It’s for the seasoned artist who needs new insight and knowledge that currently they don’t have. And it’s for anyone that is trying to make your business work and looking for those tips and tricks on how to market themselves. Click n the photo for more info.

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