Have you heard of Thieves?

No, I am not calling someone names.  Thieves is the unique blend of clove bud, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus and rosemary essential oil.  We add Vetiver to our formula, to soften down that medicinal smell. And it’s an essential oil blend that comes with an interesting back story.  Popularized by one of those small essential oil distribution companies, the story goes that this blend was developed during the Middle Ages, at the height of the sickness and plagues.  Sickness and death was everywhere… and quite frankly, dead people were leaving behind wonderful property of great value value.  In the crucible of disease, death and societal chaos a segment of society appears – thieves.  And according to the story, thieves were visiting the properties of the dead, collecting valuables and enterprising on this uncomfortable opportunity.  Supposedly these thieves developed the formula of essential oils, and slathered themselves as a protection from the disease.

Its an interesting story.  I searched the internet to try to validate this information, and everything pointed back to that one essential oil company, so the story may not be authentic.

But modern science has run tests on the blend of essential oils known as thieves, and something fascinating resulted.  Topically this blend acts as a natural sanitizer, and was lab tested as equally effective as hand sanitizer at killing germs on the surface of skin.

The scent of this blend is heavy on a herbal and medicinal side, but we add vetiver to soften the scent.  And the soap is a rich thick lathering soap with a long life.  Typically our soap bars last up to two months, provided you ensure they do not sit in a pool of water.  The soap formula is a cold processed natural recipe that we superfat.  Superfat means adding an additional 5% of oil above the threshold that the lye will neutralize.  The soap does not feel greasy, but your skin will appreciate the 5% oil replacement as you wash with the soap.

We also make a solid perfume with this essential oil blend.  Our solid perfume is a blend of Bees Wax, Coconut Oil and Shea Butter blended with the essential oil blend.  It is solid at room temperature, but melts at skin temperature, and absorbs into the skin as a moisturizing pleasure.  A small dab rubbed on pulse points (wrists, behind the ear, on the neck) allows the fragrance to release with the heat of your body.

So – an interesting story, unique blend of essential oil and a great soap that has side benefits of being topically sanitizing.

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