Color Theory & Our Brand

Continuing our series on March Meet the Maker, we have been thinking about brand, and color choices. This was an article published on our blog a number of years ago, but it is still pertinent today.

Color use in branding is an amazing study that captivates me.  The more i read, the more i can see that major brands have spent the time and invested the energy in planning their image and color choice with great precision. A while back i wrote about the emotions evoked and the cultural attachments to various colors.   In the researching for that article i found a few interesting graphics that speak more to the use of color in brand.  The chart below speaks to not just the basic color, but the varying hues of the color range, and the emotions they evoke.

When we began Images in Bloom we knew that we wanted to keep our packaging simple, and our logo iconic.  In those first days of hunting for a logo we knew we had to play off our last name “Bloom”, so we began to look for a flower that evoked a strength, constancy, joy, strength.  We landed on the sunflower as our logo because it is one of the beefiest flowers of the garden, with a bold flower head, and vibrant petals of yellows and oranges.

Most Sunflowers are a shade of yellow, but white, orange, brown, and multicolored varieties also exist in the wild and through careful breeding. Color meaning variations include

  • A connection with joy with bright yellow colored petals
  • A link to strength and positivity with the more vibrant orange and red varieties of Sunflower
  • A tie to happiness and a long life with most of the yellow shades
  • A theme of loyalty and support for brown and burgundy flowers.”

The message of the sunflower is Stand tall and follow your dreams.  Focus on what’s positive in your life and don’t let anything slow you down.

The sunflower is multi functional  – it provides beauty to the beholder, while the flower itself is food for birds and squirrels, and can also be turned into a cooking oil.  We like that functionality and feel this represents our brand well.

We also discovered that in Chinese symbolism the sunflower speaks of long life, good fortune and is considered a symbol of happiness.

Our business cards bear the image of a partial sunflower in tones of yellows to deep orange, with brown seed heads…. and bold black print.   Our hope is to convey great value, and anticipation in our products.  Our soap packaging is always white background and simple black print – elegant, classic, simple.

And conceptually we think of ourselves as sunflowers – we are growing and learning to stand tall, following the dream of our own profitable business, and we plan to remain positive, focused on the good, helping to nurture others as we remain strong.