I am an artist!!!

How funny to type that sentence… and realize i am living it. As a child i loved art more than anything. give me paper, crayons, scissors, glue and turn me loose. As i grew up there was a steady diet of classes in various types of art… and i returned to sketching, doodling, and drawing. College came along, and my big dream was to major in Art, and make my career in the arts. Then it happened. I took a class that i now understand is known as a “weed out” class – the intention of the professor was to separate those who are deadly serious from those wandering, searching, experimenting with their future. And i submitted carefully executed projects only to hear critique that was harsh… and the words that hung heavy were “You will never make it as an artist – you are too sloppy, undisciplined, and your skills are not on par with what we are looking at. You should consider a different major and not waste your college money on this.” That was the summer after my freshman year and i remember taking my sketch pad out to the picnic table in the back yard, and soaking in those words. One person, an authority, thwarted my life in art for several decades. As an adult i see things differently now and had i had the insight and mindset i have now those words would have not stopped me. Being raised to respect authority, i dutifully complied.

So now, in 2021 i can say I am an artist. My work has been juried into gallery shows, and fine art fairs. And more than that, i overcame words spoken to me by someone that did not know what he was saying. I have stubborn russian blood and when someone tells me i cant do something i will take great joy in pushing through to prove them wrong. (Oddly i also had countless college professors tell me i was not college material, but i finished a bachelors degree with honors, and a masters with high honors, including the college nominating me for a post grad scholarship to work for the State of New York in my degree.

I am an Artist – and inside each of us we have something we know deep down we were put on the earth to do. the comment to you is dont let anyone stop you from the calling of your life, the use of the gifts you have. Become what you see yourself as… dream big, take risks and rise to fulfill that call.

This is part of the #AprilArtist2021 challenge. Stay tuned throughout the month of April for more on the adventure of an Artist’s life, and search Instagram with that hash tag to see who else joins in.,