Changes and decision

This past year, or to be honest the last few years, i have found myself consumed with social media. Its become a major addiction that consumed time, and my energy. Sure its nice to catch up on that news about friends, or see those cat photos, garden photos, art photos, food photos… but I had a moment of lucid thought and realized how much time was being consumed there. And even more, i started digging deep to learn more about social media. It was somewhere in one of those articles on how they were created as social engineering devices, carefully data mining everything about us for nefarious purpose that i realized this addiction is toxic.

So that said, i am stepping back from my social media accounts, particularly facebook. Twitter kicked me off last fall because of a tweet i posted that they objected to. Free speech still exists, we have to fight for it. Well, you are getting my blog post so you know how to reach me, but in case you dont, here is my link tree:

In these times of turbulence and challenge it has been needful to filter how time is spent, and limit the time wasting details and focus more on what is good, lovely, productive and pleasing. So end of july i wrap up facebook, and by end of the year instagram will go too.