Cuz you stink!!!

Yes, its the catchy name of our latest soap offering but there is a story behind the label that you should know about.

Several years ago a friend who is caring for elderly parents approached us and asked if we had heard of using persimmon extract in our soap. As we chatted more she said she has been person odors. Persimmon has been used in japan extensively to neutralize these odors, known as 2-noneal odors. According to the web :

The major odor compound at play is called 2-nonenal. When certain chemicals break down in the body with age, 2-nonenal is one of the byproducts. The breakdown of omega-7 unsaturated fatty acids may be the biggest source of 2-nonenal. Experts have only detected 2-nonenal in people over the age of 40.

Persimmon is not as well known as a fruit in north america, however it is available, generally in the winter months. The fruit is about the size of a tomato, but has a deep orange flesh and skin. (Never eat the skin – The chemical compound in the skin will immediately make you pucker, feeling like all the moisture is drawn out of your mouth. But the flesh of the fruit is a sweet and very juicy pleasant joy.

It took some effort but we did find the persimmon extract, ordered it, and began working on a formula for the soap. Believe it or not the recipe for every bar of soap does vary because of the chemical compounds of the extract or essential oil. So we have spent several years working on getting the formula right.

Last summer we were at Lakeside Chataqua for an artfair, and staying at a lovely bed and breakfast known as Idylwild. A younger couple was also staying there, and we had known her as a child. We sat on the porch, rocking and talking and Steve explained the plans for this soap but was puzzled at what to call it. A short silence and our new friend bursted out “”Cuz you stink!” We laughed, but that was it. We wanted to be sensitive to the idea of strong body odors, but we giggled about this name and realized this was perfect.

Fast forward to january, Steve made the first batch. It smells very nice, and we have been testing it out ourselves. Luxurious lather, and yes, the musty gusty is gone.

So we are working on a scratch and sniff post card of this product. if you are interested we would love to send it out to you soon. Just send me your address and we will be mailing them when they arrive from the printer.

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