Activated Charcoal

Its a hot topic in soap making and we investigated Activated Charcoal to find out why.

So what is Activated Charcoal?  And what benefits would Activated charcoal have in soap or other products? – it begins with charcoal, but is super heated by gas to expand the porous surface of the charcoal, creating an increase in absorbency.  When added to soap it acts as an absorbent of toxins and impurities.   Studied in the lab indicate that Activated Charcoal will absorb thousands of times its weight in impurities.

One thing about activated charcoal is that it has a large surface area equivalent to a 150,000 square foot field. This is the main reason why a small portion of activated charcoal is able to absorb large amounts of toxins, atoms and ions.

Does it help Acne?  This super absorbency and its anti-bacterial properties are the main reasons why activated charcoal is the best ingredient for tackling acne, rashes and pimples on your skin.  Your skin is a living organ which has pores. These pores are the skin’s permeable membrane that allow bacteria, chemicals, and other toxins to pass in and out of your body.  Acne on the other hand is caused by blocked pores, dirt and bacteria, existing on the surface of the skin. Please know we make no medical claims about this soap, other than the formula is designed to unblock pores, and reduce the conditions that foster acne and blocked pores.

When adding activated charcoal to our soap formula it becomes a black colored soap, taking its color from activated charcoal.  Our bars are a gentle soap formula that is cold processed, with the scent of Anise (Licorice) and Peppermint Essential Oils. Our customers tell us they like the results of the charcoal, and it is a fresh clean  scent.  Our soap utilizes plant based oils and lye, and essential oil to create a soft and gentle soap for your skin. The formula lathers well, and the bar will last 2-3 months if kept dry between uses.

We chose Anise Essential oil because it has historically been used as a topical to help with healing of skin and wounds.  The properties of the oil include being a topical antiseptic ( keeps the conditions of the skin clean and protected from germs) as well what is known as a cordial – that means it has a warming effect that increases circulation where applied.

Peppermint essential oil is a fresh scent that offers clarifying for breathing. Many people use peppermint to sooth headaches, and stomach distress. Utilized In soap it is an aroma therapy.

We just like it’s great cleaning properties.  We think you will too.  And we superfat our recipe – that means you are replenishing the good skin oils lost with washing.  Want to know more about super-fatting?  click on the word superfat to read an article we did on the process, and learn what we learned from a dermatologist.

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Each bar is individually wrapped in a light wax paper wrapper, then it is banded with the label. We love the way our packaging keeps the bar wrapped until you want to use it. You can smell the soap through the packaging.

Images in Bloom is a proud member of the Handcrafted Soap-makers Guild.

Ingredients: Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Avocado Oil, Castor Oil, Sodium Chloride (Lye), Water, Anise EO, Peppermint EO, Activated Charcoal powder; 5% superfatted