Salt Fork Adventures

What a total shock! We have done so many juried art shows over the years, and never have I even caught the judge’s attention… until salt fork art fest two weeks ago.

It was the first day of the art show, the booth was set up, and I had finally settled into my chair when Steve said “hey I think that’s a judge looking at your silk.” So I wandered out to chat with her, offered clarification on process, technique, and my inspiration. She was looking at everything, but had missed my copies of Gustov klimt’s work, which I had decided to put on the outward facing side of the screen. So she rounded the corner and stood there staring at them. She thanked me for my time, and I settled back into my chair, deciding that I had again flown under the real notice of the judge. But she came back, brought others who likewise gazed at them. And walked away.

It las late that day the judge casually strolled past and said “congratulations”. For what? “You will find out tomorrow! “ she said.

Well Saturday first thing a golf cart with the festival leaders rolled up, and presented me with a ribbon for my copy of “the kiss”.

I was and still am in great disbelief. Humbled and honored to be recognized.

Sunday the judge returned and bought that scarf which made it even sweeter!