Life after corporate America.

If we are all honest we will agree that our job , our brilliant career, our purpose and station in life can be wonderful, or it can be politically charged. On the daily dealing with the whims and wishes of other people, ensuring the success of an entity to be paid a meager wage. Sometime this is incredible. At other times it is a painful place of dealing with the land mines of jealousy, insecurity, unconscious bias and power seeking.

In truth I have spent most of my work life dancing to the beat of someone else. Daily getting to the office, bringing my expertise to the table, working hard, going home, and daily repeating the process.

I have always been better at support to other people who have chosen to risk the climb of the corporate ladder. After my masters degree I tried my best to climb that ladder only to meet the insecurity of those above me guarding their realm from any intruders. I hit walls. Oddly my degree was tailored for Metrohealth, and funded by them, but was not something the leaders would accept in me.

Don’t get me wrong. I have worked for a few incredible people, and had the privilege of knowing wonderful professionals. But there have been people with less noble intentions that talked badly of me, always behind my back. That I don’t miss. And learning about people is always information you can’t not know.

Somewhere after I was laid off from Metrohealth Steve and I started our soap and art company. I didn’t realize in the early days how liberating it could be to make a way in the world apart from the “job” in corporate America. But there is opportunity, and it is so liberating to be free from the egos, power brokers, and the political pressures.

I have discovered a concept, known as right work. Simply put each of us has a set of skills, temperament, influence, and knowledge that when harnessed is incredible. Often now people work because they need a paycheck and very seldom do people land in “right work”. Our business as shown me that I have the Perfect blend of skills and knowledge for our business. My education gave me the business knowledge, I have always loved being creative, and we both love people… it’s a fit, and so satisfying to get up each day to my grand adventure.

Truth is it’s not the flashy paycheck, or the big benefits, but it’s what we need, and it is so satisfying.

Are you dreaming of a business of your own? At least invest in researching it out. I bet there is a “right work” for you too!

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