Social Media for your business

Instructor: Barb Bloom

Social media is an important component of developing advertising, and interest in your art, your business, your life.  In this class we will overview the following:

  • Facebook – Making your own business page, utilizing Facebook events, How to maximize your presence and build a loyal following
  • Instagram – Advertising your work through posting photos, and how to link them to post on facebook and twitter.
  • Twitter – Keeping your following updated with live updates, photos, and events
  • Periscope – This is a live video feed that you can send out to twitter followers.  Ideal for sharing a teaching tip, or an event.
  • Pinterest – How it works, and how it helps to drive traffic to you.

We will also briefly talk about:

  • Establishing a blog – and resources for starting a free blog
  • Developing your own web site
  • Considering selling online – etsy, artfire, or your own site.