Kumo Shibori – Japanese Bound Resist

The example above is just one of many patterns and color choices possible. Shibori is a traditional method for creating pattern in otherwise white silk through folding and binding the fabric. The art is in the folding of the silk, and the surprise is in opening the silk after it has been dyed. Some of the most amazing patterns emerge. The options are countless.

We supply:

  • 1 piece of white habotai silk measuring 11″ x 60″
  • dye / paint
  • eye droppers
  • foil pan
  • dental floss
  • Smooth River Stones

And we will have multiple examples of the possible folding techniques, and patterns that can be created.

What will the class look like:

Each person receives a foil pan, 4 eye droppers, a pack of dental floss, and a piece of silk. River stones can be used as well.

Visit our studio in the ArtCraft Building and create your own wearable piece of art in the form of a traditional Japanese bound resist (Shibori) on white silk. All shibori fun days are held at 2530 Superior Ave #402 Cleveland Ohio (This is the ArtCraft Building). Our studio can accommodate 12 people per session. The cost is $ 49.00 which covers all supplies to paint 1 piece of silk measuring 11″x60″. We will talk about color combinations, and possible surface patterns created by folding and binding the silk. Space is limited and this fills up quickly. I have a good selection of patterns to choose from.

The plan for the class is :

Noon – assemble, brief instruction

12:30-1:30 Folding and applying the binding, applying the color (paint or dye)

1:30-2p Break

2-3:30p Removing the binding, first ironing, applying resist accents

3:30-4p Final ironing, and completed scarf ready to wear.

The studio will provide beverages (water/coffee/tea) as well as either soup or a big salad. You are welcome to bring snacks to share with everyone. Please let me know if you have any food allergies.

Please note: it is possible to create a shibori scarf in 4hours, and the results will always be surprising and fun.

Each person receives a foil pan, 4 eye droppers, a pack of dental floss, and a piece of silk. River stones can be used as well.

The silk is folded, and bound, then using eye droppers apply the colors by forcing them into the tightest bound areas. Water can be applied to turn the colors pastel. Once dyed allow the silk to dry slightly… then unbind the silk carefully, and if you wish, apply resist to highlight areas of the pattern. Ironing the finished scarf sets the color permanently.

The class is 4 hours in length

Cost is $49.00

sign up by clicking here.