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Shaving is a daily essential for many people. The use of shaving soap is an old practice that pre-dates the use of canned foams, and multi-track razors. We have observed a hunger to return to simpler ways living known by past generations. Shaving is no longer something on the list to check off as done... we tend to care about our skin, and grooming processed a bit more, and use products that are good for our skin.

Bay Rum is the vintage fragrance of barber shops of the turn of the last century, however it remains timeless. Our shaving soap is olive oil based, and we add bentonite clay to give you the smooth shave you are looking for.

Did you Know? Did you know that Bentonite Clay has several amazing benefits when it is added to shave soap. The clay itself makes a slick surface for the razor to slide smoothly over. And when water is introduced to the soap and lathered up a low grade electrical charge occurs. This charge helps the hair to stand up on end, allowing for a closer and smoother shave.

Each round of shaving soap is individually wrapped, and boxed with a small guide to using shaving soap. We want you to get the most out of your shaving experience, and we know you will enjoy how your skin feels after.

Our shave soap comes in 5 flavors. (Bay Rum, Barber Shop, Lavender Lemon, Lime Ginger Peppercorn and Sandalwood) - see seperate listings for each.

Images in Bloom is a proud member of the Handcrafted Soap-makers Guild.

Ingredients: Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Sodium Chloride (Lye), Water, Aloe Butter,Bay Rum EO, Bentonite Clay

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