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It’s a funny name but we wanted to try to tell you in a quick yes what this soap is meant for. Utilizing essential oil from the persimmon, a fruit less commonly known in the United States. The amazing quality of persimmon is that it is a natural odor eradicator. We learned a few years ago from a friend that it’s very common in Japan to have products made with persimmon. Their culture does not like anybody odor smells and especially those as you get older. We did our research and here it is.

This recipe  includes wonderful ingredients that are moisturizing and we do super fat this soap. Are use a few exotic oils in addition to Allison coconut and palm, were utilizing Shea butter which is a very moisturizing natural butter and Babbasoul oil which Comes from north Africa and is in a hard nut like form. The oil is actually beaten out of the hard nut and is very luxurious and skin.

The fragrance is a blend of persimmon, apple and a hint of thyme. We are currently trialing it in our shower, and loving the results. 

Ingredients:  olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, babasoul oil, Shea butter, castor oil, water , sodium hydroxide , apple persimmon thyme eo/fo blend.  

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