French Botanicals- Poppies & butterfly Scarf

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Hand painted on heavier silk, this scarf measures 11” x 60”. I wanted to recreate a French botanical poster featuring vibrant poppies on panels of varying color of purples and blues. The poppies are bright red and yellow, and there is a grasshopper guarding each panel.

Each scarf is hand painted and will be one of a kind.  

The process:  the silk begins as white fabric, which is placed over my drawing. Using a polymer substance known as gutta resist the outline of the design is traced onto the silk. This will become a permanent part of the surface design.  The silk is then stretched on a frame and painted with a paint specifically for natural fiber.  Once dry the silk is wrapped in newspaper and steamed to set color and permanently fuse the resist to the silk. 

Care:  this scarf is hand washable is cool water with a mild shampoo or woolite.  Line dry, and may be light ironed on the reverse side. 

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