Silk Cocoon And Pearl Earring

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Each earring is made with silk cocoons.  The rectangle portion of this earring is a portion of silk, dyed silver, and glazed with a clear acrylic glaze to make the earring waterproof. Extremely light weight.

Total length from ear: 2.25”

Length of silk portion: 3/4”  no pearls

The humble silk worm spends its life eating and spinning a cocoon that will offer the world a rare gift of soft, rich fiber when it is spun and woven.  This little cocoon was destine for a greater purpose... to be a special accessory offering simple beauty to you.  Each silk cocoon is hand dyed silver, cut into forms that resemble beaten silver, and stitched with pearls and beads. This is a one of a kind pair of earrings.

The cocoons begin as white fiber ovals pods. After being dyed they remain color fast. I add a clear acrylic glaze to make sure the earrings are waterproof.  The earrings are light and whispers with an organic feel.

All wire is silver.

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