Soft Palomino Gold Bamboo Burnout Scarf

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This USA luxurious and festive scarf featuring a satin pattern that sits atop sheer silk. It’s the perfect size for under a coat, or atop that little black dress.   This scarf is color fast and hand washable.

The process: This scarf is a satin  that is silk backed.  The process to create the pattern involves using a stencil placed over the fabric, and a chemical is painted on the fabric, and allowed to dry.  The chemical burns out the satin, leaving the sheer silk visible. 

Fun fact: this technique is called Devore, however because of the effect of the chemicals burning out velvet in the creation of the pattern many people refer to them as burnout.  During the high Victorian era these were very popular, and when not worn they were tossed atop the piano, and came to be known as piano scarves.

Size: 8”x54”

Color: claret

Pattern: ancient bamboo

Material:  rayon satin with silk chiffon backing

Hand washable, line dry, cool iron 

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