Syllabus and Bio


This 6 week class (2 hours each week), is designed as a first-step towards helping the developing artist make a successful transition from creating art to presenting and promoting it, and for established artists who want to get their work into galleries and exhibitions. Mary Urbas will share her 40+ years of experience in the professional art world as a gallery owner, curator, teacher, and consultant. As an exhibited fiber artist, she is able to bring a real-world perspective to both sides of the business of marketing fine art, and fine contemporary crafts.

With a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Cleveland Institute of Art, Urbas’ own work as a textile designer has been exhibited in shows throughout Northeast Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania, receiving many honors including several Best in Crafts awards from juried shows. She is a member of the Surface Design Association of America and the American Crafts Council, as well as a participant in several regional artist guilds and associations.

Each week a different aspect of “getting your work out there” will be discussed, followed by a question and answer period so the group can brainstorm and network.

The following syllabus is meant to be a guide-line of proposed topics. Depending on the needs of the class participants, additional topics can be discussed to target specific areas to enhance and improve the individual’s “image/brand” they are projecting.

  • WEEK 1: Introduction, establish your goals, make a commitment, create a support structure. Are agents, reps and art coaches right for you? Prepare and presenting your artwork, how to establish pricing and basic record keeping.
  • WEEK 2: Create a professional image, assemble the business tools to sell your art: mailing list, business cards, slides/photos. Where to show: group, co-op, or juried. What jurors are looking for. Are Art Fairs and Festivals the “right” way to go for you? Booth layout and design.
  • WEEK 3: Write an artist statement and an exhibition résumé. Create and formulate a brochure or other visuals. Assemble a portfolio. Give visual presentation to class: show portfolio of artwork, share artist statement.
  • WEEK 4: Continue with visual presentations.
  • WEEK 5: Researching, contacting and approaching galleries that are appropriate for your artwork. Selling your artwork on consignment vs wholesale. Delivering and shipping artwork.
  • WEEK 6: Create written and visual publicity: press releases, paid advertisements and direct mail. Marketing and social media. Finish up any unresolved topics or issues.