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It all started with a question

“I have a friend that is a follower of your silk painting – but she would probably not wear a scarf – do you do anything that can be framed?” Great question – Honest self disclosure here – i have not framed my silk before, […]

Soap Challenge – Beer Soap

Recently while I was at the Textile Art Alliance an old artist friend stopped and asked “Well, do you guys make beer soap?”  She has a lovely Alpaca Studio in Chagrin Falls, and has been aware of our soap in the Valley Art Center.  She […]

Scenes from Textile Art Alliance Fashion Show and Boutique

I wrote earlier in the week about this event, and how it is perhaps the most wonderful and encouraging event I do as an artist.  I am ever amazed at the ways people express their creativity in fashion and art that is wearable. I was […]

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