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My art bucket list

Do you have a bucket list? Its a term made popular a decade ago by a movie about two guys that knew they would die, and had a bunch of things they wanted to do before that moment. Living with no regret, doing those things 

Our website

Well if you visit our blog posts online you have been to our website. Images in Bloom Studios web site is http://www.imagesinbloom.com and contains a blog, various informational pages and our online shop. We have built this from the ground up, and try to frequently 


What are you listening to? Are you a music fan? I love a lot of different music, but when it comes down to just me in the room i love classical music and run back to Mozart. Music has a soothing and motivating effect on 

Our silk play day was fun

We had three lovely ladies stop last saturday to paint a scarf… each chose a different pattern, and a different color palate, and they all turned out lovely. here are a few photos: