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Memories of the Art Craft Building Holiday Sale

I am still humbled and honored to have been asked to set up our soap and silk stand at the Art Craft Building Holiday Sale a week and a half ago.  Such amazing and talented professional artists offer such inspiration and encouragement.  Advertising the show 

Art Craft Holiday Sale is this weekend

Just a last reminder that the doors of the Art Craft Building will open to visitors and shoppers this weekend.  It is an amazing opportunity to visit studios and buy some amazing art for gifts.  The host, Mark Yasenchack is a preeminent potter, having his 

The Art Craft Holiday Sale

  History of the event – this began as a showcase of work done by Cleveland Art Institute graduates and staff… and has grown over the past 25 years.  Now in year 26, it is the best place in the city for handcrafted art… unique, 

Influenced by nature

Nature is all around us, and a constant source of inspiration to people throughout the ages… Painters have set up their canvas and easel and created the most majestic plain air paintings.  Photographers have brought the wonders of our earth into our view through their