Hey, What shops carry your things? The new places

This year we have picked up a number of new outlets for our products.  It is exciting times to have products in demand by shopkeepers…. we love that.  And how encouraging it is when we get a call or a message from someone we dont know – but they know us, love our products and … More Hey, What shops carry your things? The new places

Herbal Joy – Rosemary

Rosemary, a classic herb for cooking and of old formal herb gardens makes its appearance in our soap products. We grow several rosemary plants in our herb garden, for cooking and for use in our soaps because we love the woody fragrance and the appearance almost of pine needles.  Nothing better than a sprig or … More Herbal Joy – Rosemary

Here comes the Kent Flea

Saturday July 1 is the next edition of the Kent Flea, a new endeavor began this year as a way of presenting vintage and handcrafted to the local audience.  We participated in their first event in May and had a blast…. so we are back. Since the term came back into vogue I must admit … More Here comes the Kent Flea