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Spice Market Soap

Finally had a few minutes to take a few photos.  Here is the newest creation of Images in Bloom’s Soap Master Steve.  It is called Spice Market. Spice Market is a blend of cuts of our spice soaps… orange clove, apple cinnamon berry, pumpkin spice 

Spice Market Soap

Soapmaking is an interesting thing…. and as we learn more  the process becomes more refined.  We mold our soap in loaves, and subsequently cut them into bars.   Often there are slivers at either end of the loaf that are shaved off because they do 

can it be spring?

Spring has sparked a new found enthusiasm, a welcome relief from the cold and snow. Images In Bloom is getting more creative, making lots of plans, and doing some dreaming of our business expansion.

Refining our soap making processes

One thing about any type of artistic endeavor that i love about Steve is his enthusiasm to grow, learn as much as he can and expand his understanding of how something works.  Recently I wrote a post about our discovery of using the oven to