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Focus on – Shave Soap

we make s have soap. did you know that have soap saves your razor blade from degrading as quickly because we dont use harsh chemicals in our soap.

Wet Shaving, Photography and style

The idea of wet shaving has come and gone in popularity – Many of the baby boomers will remember their fathers, uncles and g randfathers working hard at lathering up a shave brush and slathering that rich lather on their faces… but then came the 

Have you considered shaving soap???

We offer shave soap in 5 flavors: Lime Ginger Peppercorn, Sandalwood; Lavender Lemon, Barber Shop and Bay Rum Once a staple of the edwardian man’s toiletry collection, and a common sight in old school barber shops, the concept of Shaving Soap has come in and 

Shaving – its all about the brush and soap

Wet Shave is so trendy.  Wet shave is simply lathering up a soap with a brush, and gently applying it and shaving.  Purists are using straight razors, but enthusiasts are utilizing the soap and brush with popular multi blade razors.  Wet is the key, and