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Pairing Scrubs with Soap

Did you ever love the scent of a  bar of soap, but wish that it was available in a scrub? We have been busy developing soap and scrubs that match in scent.  Here are our current duos: Lavender Soap pairs with Lavender Breeze Sugar Scrub 

Better Photos make a difference

Last weekend I spent a part of the day taking a new set of photos for our etsy shop of Steve’s soap.  Our soap sells well online, but some of the feedback i have received was to improve the photos, make them tell a story. 

Quiet weeks

Steve and I have not scheduled anything for the next two weeks so we can build up a supply of our products for the busy May season.  So the studio is buzzing with batches of soap in various forms… just poured and curing, unmolded and 

Spice Market Soap

Soapmaking is an interesting thing…. and as we learn more  the process becomes more refined.  We mold our soap in loaves, and subsequently cut them into bars.   Often there are slivers at either end of the loaf that are shaved off because they do