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Life is an endless set of changes, isnt it? Every year we sit down and look at the last year in review, and ask some hard questions about the year, our lives, and our business. And the pandemic was actually a gift to us that 

How to start a business

As we consider enterpreneurship this week lets take a look at what some of the fundimental first things are… how to start a business.

Thinking about starting a small business? – Part 1

  While we are only at this for a bit over a year, at each show it seems we run into more people who have just started out, and have lots of questions, or are looking for their way into the marketplace. This is hopefully 

Have a business idea? Where do you start?

Recently I was reminded how much we have grown in our insight into nurturing our business when a friend contacted me for advice on starting a small business . where to start? what to tell her? my head was swimming . it’s that good kind