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Do you tell your story?

Early in our business we realized that our story is as integral as the quality of our products.  As consumers, we have lost favor with big companies of facelessness, and we long for a time when we knew each other, and knew the story behind […]

Whats up with charcoal soap???

One of the big buzz topics in soap making over the last year has been Charcoal Soap. So what is Activated Charcoal?  And what benefits would Activated charcoal is similar to normal charcoal – it begins with charcoal, but is super heated by gas to […]

Lavender – More than just a pretty purple flower

When you mention the word Lavender immediately a color and a scent trace to memory.  There is a sweet beauty of a field of lavender wafting that soft clean scent throughout the air.  So how did lavender come to be associated with clean and especially […]

professional membership

Do you belong to a professional organization?  Perhaps it is to keep the credentials, or take classes for continuing education. There are so many professional organizations out there that work with and strive to be advocates, offer credentialing, and continuing education. Steve and I are […]

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