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Change is always happening.

I am old enough to have the ability to look back multiple decades, to realize the world of today is so vastly different from the world of my childhood . And as we go onward the changes are more rapid, and not always as encouraging. 


Life is an endless set of changes, isnt it? Every year we sit down and look at the last year in review, and ask some hard questions about the year, our lives, and our business. And the pandemic was actually a gift to us that 

Readers are leaders – my reading list suggestions

  I love to curl up with a good book, a cup of tea, and my pups, and just snuggle into the content…. these days i am a bit limited on having curl up and read time, so i find myself listening to books instead. 

Random thoughts

Random thoughts from the mind of an artist can be dangerous. Β What might i say, and where might the conversation go? Growing older is not so bad – Steve and I have been noticing that mid 50s thing, where we are not as young as