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Opened Doors

As one door closes another opens.  This year has been a stretching and growing time for us.  Our model of taking the products on the road to shows, and festivals has worked somewhat, but with the slowed economy we have noticed the impact on the 

Collective Upcycle at Shaker Square

Collective Upcycle<-click the link for video of channel 3's broadcast on Collective Upcycle How exciting that Channel 3 took notice of Collective Upcycle at Shaker Square. This is their last week of operation. the Pop Up closes on Christmas Eve. I am happy to say 

Photography, Marketing and Posts

Today is a beautifully sunny day, which does my soul good, but is not helpful for getting my merchandise photographed. I have learned that overcast days are better for photographing silk… but i am not going to complain about the sunshine. In November this is 

Collective Upcycle

Just a reminder that Collective Upcycle is opened through July 3rd and there are so many fun things in the store to see and events to do. Do you like beads? The Amani Bead lady will be at Collective Upcycle tomorrow and next wednesday from