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Life throws Lemons

how do you handle the lemons life throws at you? we all face unknown health, or finance events that can drive us to our knees. I am thinking about my friends struggling with bad health diagnosis.

Thank you, and a Recipe

  Thank you to each and every person who braved the frigid Cleveland winter on Saturday to visit us in the studio.  We were blown away by your graciousness, your words of encouragement, your kindness and your support.  Steve and I had anticipated that the cold 


This may be a bit less related to our business, and more to my own professional development… but you might find it interesting. I have been reading a book titled “Wrecked” written by Jeff Goins.  I discovered this author about a year ago when i 

Community in action.

These last 3 years of starting a business, and finding a new direction for our lives has brought many lessons.  But perhaps the nicest lesson has been how open, and willing and supportive the Art and Creative community has been. Willing to share information, give