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The art of Shibori

Shibori is a japanese term that refers to a number of different types of dying processes, of which the modern tie dye came.  Shibori has been practiced for centuries in Japan and has resulted in rich and vibrant patterns created with skillful hands, tight stitching, 

Opened Doors

As one door closes another opens.  This year has been a stretching and growing time for us.  Our model of taking the products on the road to shows, and festivals has worked somewhat, but with the slowed economy we have noticed the impact on the 

Artist at work

I mentioned recently stopping at Cosmic Bobbins to restock. While we were unloading our car i looked down the street to find a man sitting comfortably at an easel painting a scene. I crossed the street to see what he was painting and was amazed 

Photography, Marketing and Posts

Today is a beautifully sunny day, which does my soul good, but is not helpful for getting my merchandise photographed. I have learned that overcast days are better for photographing silk… but i am not going to complain about the sunshine. In November this is