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Keeping the motivation, finding the inspiration

  Creativity is a wonderful gift – whether it is a gift you possess, or a gift you appreciate in others.  My question today is how do you keep yourself motivated to find creative direction?  Is creativity in creating art much like the ebb and […]

Random thoughts

Random thoughts from the mind of an artist can be dangerous.  What might i say, and where might the conversation go? Growing older is not so bad – Steve and I have been noticing that mid 50s thing, where we are not as young as […]

How do you always create?

Do you work on your art every day?  How do you find time to make soap, dye silk, plan and attend art events, and still keep life together?  How are you always creative? I hear that often, and sometimes these questions catch me by surprise. […]

Do they come with their own batteries?

Michael Hyatt is one of my mentors, although i have never met him in person.  I have followed his blogs and pod casts for years now, gleaning great nuggets of gold for living, business, and writing.  He is a voracious writer who offers up clear […]

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