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The lull before the storm

It is quiet on our schedule for now, but don;t let that fool you.  We have been busy making batches of soap, hand dying silk, and crocheting beads and wire into amazing little accent pieces for your wardrobe.  And our schedule explodes very soon: Friday, […]

Influenced by nature

Nature is all around us, and a constant source of inspiration to people throughout the ages… Painters have set up their canvas and easel and created the most majestic plain air paintings.  Photographers have brought the wonders of our earth into our view through their […]

A first in the jury process

Word has come from the jury committee of Waynesville’s Sauerkraut Festival… they want proof of process. We have to document how we make soap, hand dye silk, wire crochet and make reblooming bags. this is a famous first in the jury process for Images in Bloom.

Crocheting a community together

Crochet was just a passing hobby years ago, learned as a child, and if i remember correctly when other kids made practical things like hats and scarves, i crochet a teddy bear.  It was a project from hell that looked crude, and it still sits […]

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