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Sharpen your Vision

today we are back on the topic of vision, looking at 5 ideas for improving and sharpening it.

Hello Again, its been a long time

One of the goals of my fall is to find a more regimented discipline of writing, and updating the blog on a regular basis.  Yes, i have probably read everything i can grab to read on how to maintain work and life balance.  And i 

Are you disciplined?

“Wow I bet you have great discipline for your time and energy!” I have heard that phrase uttered a number of times to me.  Everything in me wanted to turn around to see who else is in the room, and who they were talking to. 

More thoughts on time management

  Managing time is so important.  I remember the first time I sat through a class or seminar on the subject.  My thoughts were really clear “Wow, I guess i never really gave it alot of thought… I did make to-do lists, but actually sitting