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This may be a bit less related to our business, and more to my own professional development… but you might find it interesting. I have been reading a book titled “Wrecked” written by Jeff Goins.  I discovered this author about a year ago when i […]

Inspiration and a new way of looking at our business

  Recently i was talking with an old friend who is also an enterpreneur.  We had lost sight of each other for perhaps 20 years because they moved cross country for her husband’s job relocation.  Just as Steve and I had begun a business, and have […]

So i missed my phonecall

I had my cell phone charging on my desk upstairs yesterday , and was busy buzzing around getting chores done.  I missed a call.  It was hours later that i stopped to check my phone and there it was … a short message left on […]

Happy encounter

Is there anything more special than encountering someone who has a vision for doing something that is right in line with the hopes and dreams you have for your life, your family, your child, or your business? Last week Steve and I were asked to […]

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