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Are you ever too old to follow your dreams?

Yes, i have been reading again… in fact it is such a great article that i am linking it to this page.  Enterpreneur.com just ran an article on an elderly woman who is following her dream, and working in silicone valley helping to make technology […]

Readers are Leaders

“Readers are leaders, Barb, so if you want to succeed, and even become a leader you need to develop a lifestyle of reading as much as you can, as frequently as you can.” This quote was one i heard frequently.  My parents advocated that i […]

Thinking about daily routines

I just viewed an article on enterpreneur.com which has spurred me to look at my daily schedule more closely.  As it is, there is a lot of emphasis on the value of routine in life, and especially in the creativity potential.  Enterpreneur used project software […]

Business Calculations

Yes, art is great, but to run a business you have to think seriously about costs, accounting, and even determining at what point your have covered cost of supplies, cost of time, and are at break even. I discovered an amazing site that offers various […]

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