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Multi-Tasking versus prioritizing

On a daily basis there is a war in my head between the twenty urgent things to get done, and the ticking clock that is moving faster than imaginable.  My working life has taught me to be involved in several things at once…. talking on […]

What motivates you forward?

I was just reading  an article in Inc Magazine with little snippet answers to that very question.  So what motivated you to begin your own business?  How did you come to sustain your business into profitability?  What makes you tick? There are as many answers […]


I bet you think that is my most favorite word, don’t you?  Yes, if you are following this blog you know the subject comes up all the time.  It is my deepest desire to understand and become one.  Steve and I have been working at […]

Fear of success – part 2

Yesterday the blog was about the fear of success.  While it seems like an odd idea, it is very common.  The first time this was written about was in the 1970s, and was largely tied to the growing role of women in business.  Since then […]

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