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Show evaluation thoughts

Evaluation is one of the “fine arts” of art fairs.  Most promoters welcome feedback to gauge if their plans were effective, or determine how to adjust their planning to consider things that fell through the cracks.  The better art shows will always have an evaluation 

Thank you

Aah, the snow is falling softly on the landscape, and the wind whipping through the trees.  All of our racks and display materials are tucked away for the season as we take a deep breath from the hurry scurry of the Christmas shopping season to thank you 

Analysis time – Part II – Where have we been

Another aspect of the business is where we physically set up our display and sell our products.  In our full year of operations we have been quite busy, with summer and fall peaking our time spent out there at shows, festivals and events. I love 

Getting ready for the summer.

Pop up pearl is now behind us and thoughts turn to our outdoor gear…tent, tables, and bigger racks.   Yeah, we love the adventure of summer fairs and festivals.   Our focus is turning to Saturday and “A day in the country market” in beautiful Burton Ohio.