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Ok, Can Artists Make Money?

We have all been duped to believe the romantic lie that all artists are starving, suffering for their passion to create beautiful things.  Is that true?  Can it be a lie? Recently I spotted a new book by a favorite author, Jeff Goins, titled “Real 

Fear of success – part 2

Yesterday the blog was about the fear of success.  While it seems like an odd idea, it is very common.  The first time this was written about was in the 1970s, and was largely tied to the growing role of women in business.  Since then 

How much do you fear success?

Its a wierd question, isn;t it?  Fear and success should not be found in the same sentence together, should they?  When someone challenged me with the idea in late fall i had to think about it for quite some time.  Do i fear success?  Do