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Lakeside Lighthouse Festival

We are planning to return, and will be setting up shop in front of the Idylwild Bed and Breakfast located on Walnut in Lakeside.  Its always a nice weekend to just get away, enjoy the slower pace of Lakeside, and celebrate the fall closing in. 

Its Hessler Weekend

  And we are so excited.  The weather reports are promising, the mailing list has been informed, and we are ever so hopeful of a great weekend.  Hope you can stop out to see us. Hessler street is located adjacent to Case Western Reserve University, 

Another busy week ahead

Ah yes, we just got home from our shift at the Log Cabin Gallery, and we are looking at our week ahead with joy.  So much to do, and prepare for our next adventure.  Here is what our week looks like: Monday – Cutting and 

Is it my imagination ?

Is it just my imagination or does it seem that there are a whole lot more festivals on the calander than there used to be?  This past weekend we had Tremont, the Ingiuity, and something at the Botanical Gardens, plus a lot of other diversions