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Our latest newsletter.

We just published our latest newsletter, and i thought it might be fun to pop it on the blog.  If you would like to receive the email updates please let me know.  You can either email me (imagesinbloom@gmail.com) or go to our welcome page and 

Vermillion in Bloom Garden Fair

Yeah!  Its our favorite garden fair, filled with the sights and scents of spring… whole banks of tables topped with unusual, special and wonderful perennials, herbs, and flowers.  AAAH, soaking in the joy of being there we really love the people.  They eagerly embrace us 

Quailcrest Garden Fair

This is a spectacular time of late spring where everyone finds the beauty of gardens a refreshing and welcome gift for our senses. Vibrant colors, textures, and amazing scents of flowers and herbs melt those cold weather memories. We have always loved gardening, and celebrated