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Vermillion in Bloom Gardeners Show

Do you love gardening?  Do you love a nice drive and something fun? I hope you plan to visit the Vermilion in Bloom Gardeners Show tomorrow at Sailorway Middle School in Vermilion.  There is a $1 donation at the door. As you are reading this post we have 

Vermillion in Bloom

We discovered how special Vermillion is last year when we set up for this very event.  Entering the middle school the entire cafeteria is enveloped in greenery… with perennials, herbs and amazing plants to accent your yard or garden.  And beautiful planters, remarkable hypertupa planters 

Vermillion in Bloom

Yes, this saturday is Vermillion in Bloom, a gardening fair and show…. which promises to be a new and exciting foray for Images in Bloom. Not only gardening supplies, nursery stock, and the usual, but a collection of artists as well.