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In the Art Noveau Style

Art Noveau – french for New Art, a style made famous between 1880 – 1920 roughly, featuring brighter colors, intense stylized nature, and brilliant patterns rich with curvaceous lines.  Its the passion of my heart… and the love of my life to replicate some of 

Great Lakes Art Fair and our weekend in Novi, Michigan

We looked forward to this art show with such great joy, because the facility is so clean, and well organized, and the marketing for it is sensational.  And as you may have followed me in instagram or facebook, we worked hard to get ready for 

We are on the road to Novi!

Hours are: Friday 1p-8p,  Saturday 10a – 6p and Sunday 11a-5p Today is the day.. .the van is packed, the dog sitters are ready, and we are hitting the road for the Great Lakes Art Fair in Novi Michigan.  Its like planning and packing for a 

Look out Novi Michigan! We are coming back

We just learned that we have been juried into the Great Lakes Art Festival, which is an annual fine art fair held in a northern suburb of Detroit Michigan.  Its a wonderful 3 day show featuring so much amazing art work from artists who travel