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Is there a formula for successful entrepreneurial endeavors?

  Do you ever find yourself wondering how someone got so successful?  Perhaps they are half your age, ¼ the experience in life… but everything they touch exudes successful outcomes?  I have been a curious observer, partly because of my social science education – always […]

Are you a lousy leader?

I just finished listening to a podcast titled “What are the qualities of lousy leaders?”  published by Michael Hyatt, former CEO of Thomas Nelson publishing.  He is one of those voices of clear leadership, a discerning voice offering clarity on how to grow leadership skills. […]

Readers are Leaders

I was speaking with a fellow enterpreneur recently and she said “I made a promise to learn something every day, so that we can grow our business.” Yeah!  I love to hear that, because that is the fundimental belief of my life… when i stop […]

Business: Readers are leaders

Somewhere in my early child hood, just as soon as i could hold an object i remember books.  Books, magazines, and now the banquet of electronic options… have captivated me. But the one thing i remember my parents telling me over and over is that […]

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