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Photos from Mellow Yellow’s Opening Reception

Mellow Yellow The very choice of the name for this show set a tone… an expectation of brightness, of bold color, of shades and tones that evoke happiness  warmth, joy.  And the crowd was larger than expected for a cold winter friday, with winter storm warnings, 

New ideas in display

I am always trying to pull my display into something that looks attractive, and something that people can easily see what is being offered.  Several years ago i invested in several wrought iron towel racks that have two arms and two large hoops… it works 

Announcing a new gallery for us

I have been visiting a friend who opened her chocolate shop in the 5th street Arcade, formerly known as the Colonial and Euclid Arcades in downtown Cleveland, between Euclid Avenue and Prospect Avenue at 5th Street. They are delightful vintage shopping areas that were built 

More photos of silk for Hessler

I just love my artistic opportunities.  I love dying silk, and while I have a pattern in mind, I love the free flowing surprises when i unwrap the dyed silk to reveal the actual final images.  “Its like Christmas Day opening every piece of silk”